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Rest of My Vacation

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I went Kayaking twice, in Dunnville Ontario on the Grand River and in Toronto on Centre Island. Both were fun however kayaking in Dunnville was better. It's cheaper, the equipment was better, the scenery nicer and less busy in Dunnville. So I would recommend going kayaking in Dunnville over Toronto. Not many people come to Dunnville though so it is nice the option is available. I balanced my camera on my knees and shot this video. And look at that beautiful blue heron!

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Port Maitland

Not far from Dunnville, where the Grand River meets Lake Erie, is where Port Maitland is. It's a pretty little area with a beach, pier and lighthouse. Very nice for Taking photos.


I went to toronto twice. First time I went to Centre Island with my niece Haley. Man was it busy. Places like Dunnville and Port Maitland above are great because they're peaceful and quite. It's nice that people who live in Toronto do have an option to go some place greener though. There are 3 ways to get to Centre Island from downtown toronto that I know of. The Ferry, Waterbus and Shuttle. Most people take the ferry, so it's crowded and quite honestly it makes me think of cows. As you get closer to the ferry you get herded into a big metal cage, they keep the gate locked until the ferry gets there. If you want to get out you'd have to turn around and push through dozens, maybe hundreds of people. The Waterbus is like a taxi, I'm not sure how much it costs. The Shuttle cost $10 so a bit more then the ferry but much less crowded. If you get clausterphobic on the ferry take the shuttle instead.

Centre Island was fun though, we went the petting zoo, rented kayakes and rented one of those bikes where you sit beside eachother to peddle.

The second time I went to Toronto I went exploring Chinatown and downtown Toronto before meeting my nieces Haley and Sarah, aswell as Haley's boyfriend Kristian, for dinner. I didn't buy anything in Toronto (aside from food and drink), I just explored and took pictures.

Williams lake, BC

I took public transit to Toronto airport (that was stressful) to catch a plane to BC to go see my good friend and fellow artist Jazmyn Doulliard. I arrived in Kamloops BC (the closest airport) where Jazmyn and her husband Logan picked me up and drove 3 hours to Williams Lake. Jazmyn was worried because there were 75 forest fires which had put alot of smoke into the air and reduced the air quality.

The smoke cleared up though. The next morning Jazmyn left me a note asking me to meet her at her store along with a map of how to get there. The first thing I noticed as I walked was, I live in Winnipeg, it is completely flat in Winnipeg, BC is the complete opposite of flat/winnipeg, this will take a little getting used to.

Second thing I noticed was somebody had yarn bombed the school and the community garden and that is beautiful.

I arrived at Jazmyn's store 1st editions Books and Toys. She's had it since february I believe and it seems to be going well. It's a really nice store and I'm not just saying that because I know her, it really is a very nice store. There's a room full of a variety of different, high quality toys. A room full of christian merchandise on sale for %75 off (when she purchased the store it was a christian book store but she's hoping to sell off the rest of the christian stuff and make that room into a kids costume room). There is a room full of used books, she does trade in, so you can bring your old books to get credit towards other books. And there is a nerd room with comic, anime, video game merchandise. So there's a room for everyone, kids, adults and kids at heart. Oh she also has some of my art and her own in a display in the Nerd Room.

Bakerville, BC

Bakerville is one of those tourists places where people dress and act like they are from 1800s. We went for a few hours, got our photo taken, watched a presentation, a show and looked at the shops.

Week 1 Vacation

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I am on vacation. Not to any fancy vacation place. I am in Dunnville, a very small town in southern. Why am I in Dunnville for vacation? Because I grew up here and my mother is here, at least for now. My mother just sold her house and is coming to join me in Winnipeg.

Monday June 30 2014

When I arrived at the airport it was obvious that the plane was not leaving on time with everyone on it. If you have been watching the Canadian news you'd know that the praires were experience lots of rain and flooding. Winnipeg wasn't as bad as other areas, however the buckets of rain that fell on the previous saturday and sunday caused most flights to be cancelled. That meant all those people were trying to get out on monday. They did a pretty good job though. My flight was suppose to leave at 8:50am, I got on at 9:10 am, it left at 9:30am. The pilot did a good job of making up time so we didn't get to Toronto to  late. After I sat down in the plane, I thought to myself "Why is my seat so big? There so much leg room. Where are the prices on this menu? Is she closing a curtain?.......wait a second.....they bumped me up to business class!" That was pretty awesome, they gave me an omelette.


Tuesday July 1/14 to Thursday July 3/14

I've been staying in my hometown of Dunnville, which is near lake Erie. I'm here helping my mother get ready for her move to winnipeg. While I'm here I've been exploring, taking photos and seeing what' new. I found 2 new and interesting businesses in the town.

First is a non-profit cafe called" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> The Minga, it's run by a local doctor and the aim of the establishment is to encourage more people to eat healthy. So it works with local farmers to provide nutritious food that is affordable. It's about $4 for a salad, wrap or soup. They also have tea, coffee and the fancier starbuck-like drinks. Have you ever heard of 'pay it forward'? I've heard about it on the internet but this is the first place I've been to that had it. What it means is, if you have extra money you can say "I'd like to pay forward a coffee (or soup/salad/wrap). If somebody comes in and does not have any money, they can get food and drink for free because somebody else already paid for it. The cafe also has an area where you can purchase free trade gifts. Space for you to play games with your friend. They also support different workshops. There's a calendar in the cafe so you can see what's going on.

The Second new business was called "The Only Place on Earth". This is a small shop that sells sharks teeth (including Megladon, the prehistoric shark), fossil and gems. When you go in the owners are very eager to tell you about the history of the fossils and stones. It reminds me of a very very tiny museum. I told him this and he told me that is his dream. He'd like to open a larger shop so it can  be more like a museum. I like to support who are passionate and want to use that passion to help others. The Only Place on Earth seeks to help people grow through education, The Minga seeks to help people through healthy and community involvement. So I bought some pretty things at The Only Place on Earth and I bought something interesting at the Minga. However some of them are gift so I'm not show you yet. You have to wait at least a week and then I will show and tell you about pretty and interesting things.


These are a few of my favourite shots taken around Dunnville. 

Artist Spotlight: Megan Davies

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Me and Megan have done several art trades with eachother. She's a vet and loves animals (has an obsession with rats but incase you didn't know rats are actually fantastic animals). Due to her trade and obsessions you can guess what her favourite subject matter is. It's animals ofcourse. She also enjoys fantasy and will mix the two together. Her Deviantart Page is Pannya , you can see more of her art there. She mostly works in watercolour and does gorgeous partraits of animals.

Book Spotlight: Dead North and The Man who Folded Himself

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About a month and a half ago I attended Key-con, a convention with various sci-fi authors in attendance. I purchased 2 books will there, Dead North edited and signed by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and The Man Who Folded Himself written and Signed by David Gerrold.

Dead North is an assortment of short stories about zombies in Canada. Written by Canadian Authors, set in Canadian towns/cities and many based on canadian folklore. It was quite interesting and enjoyable reading each authors take on the zombie myth. I particularly enjoyed the stories that assimilated zombies into native american culture. It's a great introduction to many different authors.

The Man Who Folded Himself is about a man who recieves a belt that allows him to travel through time, he uses it to meet himself in the past and future. David Gerrold, the author, also wrote episodes for the Twilight Zone. The book does give off a Twilight Zone vibe with it asking alot of what ifs. What if I was born a different gender, got rid of christianity, fell in love with myself, stopped a war etc.

Artist Spotlight: Jazmyn Douillard

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Me and Jazmyn met approximately 5 years ago (just a guess) when I lived in Kelowna, BC. About 3 years ago I ended up in Winnipeg, MB and she ended up in Williams Lake, BC but we continued to be penpals. We exchanged letters, artwork and various interesting things we found in our area. Those penpal packages inspired me to start doing this. I started sending Jazmyn novels, crafts and artwork by different artisans, that way both of us could be introduced to new talents. Then I thought why not share these new talents I find on my blog to make it easier for others to find them. And I think that is a fantastic idea so lets start with Jazmyn.

While Jazmyn often tells me she's jealous of how I draw animals, I think it's fair to say she is much better at human forms than I am. She excells in anatomy and shading. Her work shows a Mucha influence but with her own flare and distinctive style. She is a very creative individual who is constantly challenging herself with new projects both big and small. She often posts new art to her Deviantart Account Bandeau , she works in theatre, cosplay and has her own toy and book store called 1st Editions Toys and Books Make sure you watch her work to see what new things she will come up with.


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I've finally done a new video sketch. I used to do these all the time, like every week almost. I don't think I'll be able to do them weekly, I'm much too busy for that but I should do more. This one here is pretty simple, I wanted to play with crayon and I wanted to draw something for a friend and she likes Tiger from the show Tiger and Bunny. So there we go. It's just a quick and simple drawing but I'll do some more complex and different things.

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After a Storm

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We had quite a storm here in Winnipeg. Me and my roommate went for Brunch, it started to rain buckets while we were in the restaurant. Fortunately there was a break in the weather when we drove home. After we arrived home however it rained even harder. It was like a mini monsoon, the roads were floaded afterwards. We were quite luck we decided to go out early and were home when the big storm hit. But after a storm comes a calm and the clouds were quite beautiful so I decided to take out my camera and take a few photos.


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      So I had wanted to do weekly art updates but as you can see that did not happen. The reason for that is because I have 3 jobs, very similiar jobs (child care assistant, lunch supervisor and respite worker) but still they are a time issue and excelling at them  takes a lot of my attention. When I can get to the point where I can make $100 or more per month off art I will consider it a 4th job, currently it is just a hobby. Turning art from hobby to job would require time for marketing and creating. Plus I'd need time for exercise (I love to hike), socializing and the stuff you need to do but don't really want to do (oh chores) so I'm going to have to become a master of time management. I'd say I am good at time management but not yet a master.

I have started a new series of drawings. I purchased a National Geographic Birds of North America Field Guide. I am using it to make small ink drawing of different birds. Each bird comes with a short description of why it is amazing. When I'm all done with the bird guide I will get myself more National Geographic guides, mammals, insects, marine life etc. Eventually I'll offer the art for sale, cheaply, about $10 each.

This is the Anhinga. The amazing thing about anhingas is they like to swim underwater. However, unlike most water fowl, their feathers are not coated with water repelant oil so they can not fly right after swimming, they must allow their feathers to dry first. So they pose in the sun, stretching their wings out.

A Pelican. The wonderful thing about pelicans is they have a pouch under their beak that they use as a fishing net. Pelicans work together in large groups to corral huge schools of fish together. Then they swoop in and scoop up the fish. The pooch is much larger then their stomache so they have to make sure to drain out all the water before they swallow.



Exploring! 5/27/14

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Incase you didn't notice I like to explore. That is, go for a hike, take photos and find new things. On this day I started at a cemetary across from polo park mall, crossed a bridge over the red river and then walked down wellington the rich area of the city.

Winnipeg Pride Festival (6/1/14)

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It was the Gay pride festival on june 1st. It started at the legislature building with a rally where they discussed how canada has advanced as a country accepting LGBT rights. The fellow in the blue shirt was the guest of honour a gay man from iraq, who fled due to death threats from his partners family. The rally was followed by a parade, my friend Willow was in. She was supporting a costume designing couple by wearing one of their outfits in the parade. She's the one with the flower headdress. The designers are the 2 wearing the pink and green box-like skirts. The festival continued at the forks with vendors, bands and food.