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Baby Geese Everywhere! (6/3/14)

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I'm using to make this site and to be honest, I don't recommend it. Sometimes I can't log in, right now it's being a brat with this blog entry. It wont put the text and photos where I want it so lets just see what it does now.


Infront of the canada revenue agency in winnipeg there is a pond with two small islands in the middle. The geese like to lay there eggs here, the island provides them a safe place to nest. I discovered the geese nesting there monday afternnoon so on tuesday evening I decided to bring my dslr camera with me to take some photo. I also brought some crackers to feed them, they liked that.

Weekly Art Update #1

Posted by [email protected] on May 26, 2014 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (1)

I went for a 3 hour hike on Friday along the Siene River. It was a lovely day, it's finally started to feel like spring. I brought my nice camera with me so I could attempt to take some good shots. It's a bit of double edge sword bringing the camera. It takes much nicer photos but it hinders the ability to explore (can't climb around too much with a heavy, expensive piece of equipment around my neck) so it did slow me down in places. However it is worth it to bring.

See more photos here


I'm working on a series of drawings for some children at the day care where I work. They'll be a rainbow dragon, unicorn and pegasus. The three drawings will line up to make 1 long image. They're not done yet but they are getting there.

Weekly Art Update Intro

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I went to Keycon this weekend. Their artist Guest of Honour was Ian Sokolowski, I attended his panel and he gave some excellent advice. The one I'm working on now is "Post updates of your art once a week on every social media site you can even if their works in progress". That's actually a lot of work and I have 3 other jobs. And that's  exactly why you see so many talented artist make little to no money off their work. Not only do you have to be a good artist, you also need to market the poop out of yourself. So if you want to be an artist who make money off their work, you need another job (otherwise you will starve), schedule time for art and time for marketing and with luck something will come from it. I like working in child care, that's my main job but if I could make an extra $100 per month off art that would be swell. 


So each monday I will try to post an update on the following sites:

My website:



Twitter: look for Ingrid Glaw




How to be Charitable when you're poor

Posted by [email protected] on October 26, 2013 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (101)

Sometimes people want to be charitable but they feel they can't because they don't have much money, they feel like their income is already stretched too thin and they can't afford to help anyone else. The world would be a beautiful place if everyone did one thing for another at least once a day and you don't need to be rich in money to do that.


I work at a school which means I get laid off for 2 months during the summer, during this time I do not have very much money to live off of. So I came up with a plan that involves KIVA, helping people by giving loans and saving for summer. KIVA is a charity that allows people to give loans of $25 or money to people with financial need. It's not a donation, you get your money paid back to you later. So what I am doing is, while I am working I can afford $25 per pay cheque, so I use that to lend to someone who needs it via KIVA. That money will get paid back to me and I'll leave that money in my KIVA account until my summer lay off at which time I should have quite a bit. KIVA has a near perfect rating on Charity Navigator and is known for being extremely accountable and honesty. I've been using KIVA for over a year and I've always been paid back. If you'd like to try it out click this LINK , you'll recieve $25 free to lend to someone who needs it. That way you can give the charity a try before using your own money

Charity Miles 

Here's another Win-Win charity. It's an app you download for your smartphone. Before you start choose your charity, the app keeps track of how far you travel. 25 cents is donated per mile you walk or run. 10 cents for every mile you bike. It's encouragement for you to exercise while earning money for a worth charity. I try to do a different charity everyday while I walk but I do have my favourites. I like the ones that tell you what the money you've earn is worth. World Food Program tells you how many meals, ASPCA tell you how many puppies or kitten vacinated, Nature Conservatory tells you how many breaths of fresh air.


Can't forget about volunteering. If you can't donate money, you can donate time. There's lots of charities that could use the free help. I used to volunteer more but I don't have as much time so I only do it a few times a year.  If you want to volunteer check out whats available in your area. There are sites dedicated to help you find what suits you. 

Mushu's New Tank

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Last Friday there was a garage sale near my workplace. I work in a day care in a school and the band room was having a garage sale as a fundraiser. There was a lot of great deals there. I brought the day care kids and gave them a quarter each so they could buy themselves each a toy. Some of them got some great stuff for a quater because the band teacher wanted to make them happy. One boy got a Bop-it for 25 cents, that was awesome.

For myself I got a bag full of tupperware for $2, a sweater-jacket for 75 cents and a great new tank for $5. The tank included a light and pump and is much larger then the old bowl my Betta fish Mushu was in.

This was Mushu's old bowl. I was playing with taking photos by candle light. Mushu's new tank (seen below) is larger and much brighter.

I attached 4x6 prints of my artwork to the back of the tank for decoration.

Full View of 'Mermaid' Artwork

Full View of 'Nightcrawler' artwork

Full view of 'Owl' Artwork

I think Mushu's much happier in his new tank but he's all by himself in there. I should get him a friend. It can't be a bright colour fish because he'll chase/attack it and it needs to be fresh water. Perhaps a snail. What should I name the snail?