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Mushu's New Tank

Posted by [email protected] on October 24, 2013 at 8:10 PM

Last Friday there was a garage sale near my workplace. I work in a day care in a school and the band room was having a garage sale as a fundraiser. There was a lot of great deals there. I brought the day care kids and gave them a quarter each so they could buy themselves each a toy. Some of them got some great stuff for a quater because the band teacher wanted to make them happy. One boy got a Bop-it for 25 cents, that was awesome.

For myself I got a bag full of tupperware for $2, a sweater-jacket for 75 cents and a great new tank for $5. The tank included a light and pump and is much larger then the old bowl my Betta fish Mushu was in.

This was Mushu's old bowl. I was playing with taking photos by candle light. Mushu's new tank (seen below) is larger and much brighter.

I attached 4x6 prints of my artwork to the back of the tank for decoration.

Full View of 'Mermaid' Artwork

Full View of 'Nightcrawler' artwork

Full view of 'Owl' Artwork

I think Mushu's much happier in his new tank but he's all by himself in there. I should get him a friend. It can't be a bright colour fish because he'll chase/attack it and it needs to be fresh water. Perhaps a snail. What should I name the snail?

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