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Week 1 Vacation

Posted by [email protected] on July 8, 2014 at 9:35 PM

I am on vacation. Not to any fancy vacation place. I am in Dunnville, a very small town in southern. Why am I in Dunnville for vacation? Because I grew up here and my mother is here, at least for now. My mother just sold her house and is coming to join me in Winnipeg.

Monday June 30 2014

When I arrived at the airport it was obvious that the plane was not leaving on time with everyone on it. If you have been watching the Canadian news you'd know that the praires were experience lots of rain and flooding. Winnipeg wasn't as bad as other areas, however the buckets of rain that fell on the previous saturday and sunday caused most flights to be cancelled. That meant all those people were trying to get out on monday. They did a pretty good job though. My flight was suppose to leave at 8:50am, I got on at 9:10 am, it left at 9:30am. The pilot did a good job of making up time so we didn't get to Toronto to  late. After I sat down in the plane, I thought to myself "Why is my seat so big? There so much leg room. Where are the prices on this menu? Is she closing a curtain?.......wait a second.....they bumped me up to business class!" That was pretty awesome, they gave me an omelette.


Tuesday July 1/14 to Thursday July 3/14

I've been staying in my hometown of Dunnville, which is near lake Erie. I'm here helping my mother get ready for her move to winnipeg. While I'm here I've been exploring, taking photos and seeing what' new. I found 2 new and interesting businesses in the town.

First is a non-profit cafe called" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> The Minga, it's run by a local doctor and the aim of the establishment is to encourage more people to eat healthy. So it works with local farmers to provide nutritious food that is affordable. It's about $4 for a salad, wrap or soup. They also have tea, coffee and the fancier starbuck-like drinks. Have you ever heard of 'pay it forward'? I've heard about it on the internet but this is the first place I've been to that had it. What it means is, if you have extra money you can say "I'd like to pay forward a coffee (or soup/salad/wrap). If somebody comes in and does not have any money, they can get food and drink for free because somebody else already paid for it. The cafe also has an area where you can purchase free trade gifts. Space for you to play games with your friend. They also support different workshops. There's a calendar in the cafe so you can see what's going on.

The Second new business was called "The Only Place on Earth". This is a small shop that sells sharks teeth (including Megladon, the prehistoric shark), fossil and gems. When you go in the owners are very eager to tell you about the history of the fossils and stones. It reminds me of a very very tiny museum. I told him this and he told me that is his dream. He'd like to open a larger shop so it can  be more like a museum. I like to support who are passionate and want to use that passion to help others. The Only Place on Earth seeks to help people grow through education, The Minga seeks to help people through healthy and community involvement. So I bought some pretty things at The Only Place on Earth and I bought something interesting at the Minga. However some of them are gift so I'm not show you yet. You have to wait at least a week and then I will show and tell you about pretty and interesting things.


These are a few of my favourite shots taken around Dunnville. 

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I guess no Ai-Kon this year?
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